the bunny warren v. Faith

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Movable Type is a web-based publishing system. We use it because it makes it exceptionally easier to maintain the site, let users know when there are updates, and navigate the site. It also lets authors and readers connect directly through a full-featured commenting system. Oh, and with two people living in different parts of the world maintaining the site - well, the multiple author function is a magnificent solution.


The Warren lives on the servers of Dreamhost. While we don't recommend Dreamhost and MT together at the present time, if you're looking for a host, DH has excellent customer service and very low rates (starting at $9.95/month). Downtime is rare, and generally brief. They accept multiple payment methods, and make it really easy to manage your account through their web-based control panel.
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If anyone has this information on the header graphic's origins, please feel free to pass it along.