the bunny warren v. Faith

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Going For Tea

Author: Venus Blue
Written: 2001
Summary: What exactly did Faith do in between the time she peered through Giles' window to spy on the Scoobies, and then meeting up with Buffy and Willow on campus in "This Year's Girl"?
Pairing: Faith/Graham
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Come on people, it’s PWP. Like there’s boo koo spoilers in a freaking PWP.
Feedback: Always most welcome.
Disclaimer: You know the drill. Joss the almight holier-than-us one owns everything, I own nothing but a cheap pair of shoes and some broken sunglasses.
Dedication: Yeah, Ry, I finally got around to it. You better damn well appreciate it, too! ;)
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"Gimme a whiskey. Double."

Willy eyed the customer at his bar dubiously. Their type was never welcome around the demons, and they only ended up causing him more problems.

"Just give me the damn drink."

Willy sighed and pulled the bottle from behind the bar, and poured the dark liquid into a relatively clean glass, sliding it across the bar.

Graham scooped it up, and quickly downed it. He’d had a rough day, after barely managing to take down a very large and very slimy Rikafad demon, and then narrowly escaping a Buffy/Riley make out fest. He could skip the vomit that day.

"Double shot of whiskey, eh? I like a man who can handle his alcohol."

Looking to his left, Graham cocked an eyebrow at the beautiful woman who sat down next to him. She was incredibly beautiful, if not a little pale. Long brown hair, full dark lips, and the nicest breasts he’d seen in a long time. She grinned at him knowingly, and said, "I’m Faith."


She lightly clinked her glass against his, and then proceeded to down it in one gulp.

Graham chuckled a little and called to Willy, "Another round for the lady. What are you drinking?"

"Same as you, Handsome."

Graham attempted to hide his smile as the bartender refilled both of their glasses.

It started out with innocent flirting then headed to friendly competition to see who could outdrink the other. Graham could hold his own, but he couldn’t believe how much alcohol the girl could keep down.

When Willy finally threw everyone out, they were both stumbling and giggling like thirteen-year olds. They made their way through Sunnydale in search of a liquor store, when suddenly a very tall, very burly looking vampire stepped in front of them, fangs bared.

It took Graham two milliseconds to respond to the HST, but Faith was even quicker. In a flash, she’d thrown the vamp on the ground, pounding the living hell out of it. Graham stared stupidly for a few minutes, then pulled his trusty stake from his waistband.

"Faith, heads up," he called, tossing the stake in her direction. With barely a glance backwards, she grabbed it in mid air, and slammed it into the vamp's heart, turning him to dust.

Jumping back up, she said, "That was fun."

Graham was shocked to see this relatively small girl stake a vamp without even breaking a sweat, but his alcohol-ridden mind was too far gone to question it.

Faith felt that low-down tingle start to rise, and she eyed Graham appreciatively.

"So…you hungry?"


When they reached Graham’s room, they were like wild animals. Tearing at each other’s clothing, licking, nipping, and full-out biting each other in their fight to undress and get to the bed as quickly as possible.

Graham gripped the back of Faith’s neck, his tongue dueling with hers as he fought to lay her down on the bed. Before he knew what had happened, Faith had him turned around, and he felt himself fall backwards, his back hitting the soft cotton bedspread and down pillows. She sat on his torso, her hands going into his hair as she came dangerously close to knocking his tonsils down his throat.

Graham wrapped his hands around her waist, and deftly rolled them until she was beneath him. She growled, and he laughed, pulling at her shirt until she raised up to allow him to pull it completely off.

Gripping her soft but firm breasts in his hands, he lowered his mouth to one of her nipples, gently nibbling at it until she was writhing beneath him. He bit down, causing her to scream in pleasure and arch her back, sending her sex straight up against his throbbing cock. Graham groaned, and moved to the other nipple, giving it much the same treatment. Throwing her head back, Faith grabbed the headboard, digging her nails into the wood as pleasure wracked her body.

Moving lower, he unzipped her pants, sliding them down her curves until he was face to face with her now completely wet pussy. He shot a glance up at her face, where she was still, waiting impatiently.

Planting kisses up her inner thighs, he held them tightly in place, fearing she would crush his skull if she clamped them shut. Faith moaned, grabbing his head and trying to force him where she most wanted to go. This, of course, made him skip that exact spot and move to her other thigh.

Pushing herself up on her elbows, Faith looked at Graham, who glanced up to see the rather impatient look on the brunette’s face. Grinning, he buried his tongue in her pussy, causing her to gasp and throw herself backwards, driving her crotch into his hungry mouth.

He licked up and down her lips, not wanting to waste a single drop of her juices. Judging by the moans and groans he was dragging from her, she didn’t want him to waste a drop either.

He continued to work his tongue over her, savoring her flavor and inhaling her scent, until she thought she’d burst. Then he affixed his lips to her clit, and she screamed as her entire body shook with her orgasm.

Working his way back up her body, he smiled at her, and was amazed when she ran her tongue over his lips and chin, cleaning her own juices off his face. Grinning, she pushed him down on the bed, biting the buttons off his T-shirt and running her hands up his strong muscular stomach. She ground her hips into his crotch, making him groan and buck upwards, sending his denim-clad erection straight into her already throbbing clit. Moaning, she circled his bellybutton with her tongue, dipping inside before continuing.

Graham looked down and watched in fascination as she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans using only her teeth, then nearly castrated him as she viciously ripped off his jeans. When she saw the size of his cock, her eyes got wide, and she ran her tongue across her lips.

"You’ve been holding out on me, honey," she murmured, running a fingernail lightly up the side of his throbbing cock. He hissed and bucked his hips, wanting more than just a glancing touch. Lightly, she licked the very tip of his cock, never putting too much pressure at once. Groaning in frustration, he grabbed the headboard to keep from pushing her head down onto his cock.

Knowing what he was doing, Faith acted like she was going to make another light swipe, then proceeded to take his entire cock into her mouth, feeling the tip touch the back of her throat and continue down. Graham let out a yell, and fought to keep from bucking his hips straight up off the bed. Just when he thought it couldn’t get better, she began to bob her head, sucking him in all the way to the base of her throat, and then letting all but the tip out. As her tongue worked all the sensitive spots on his cock, one hand gripped the base while the other fingered his balls, using one finger to rub the sensitive spot underneath.

Knowing he wasn’t going to last much longer, but not wanting the amazing sensation of her hot mouth to end, Graham reached down and lightly pulled on her hair. She looked up, and he grabbed her shoulders, flipping her over and entering her in one thrust. They both moaned loudly, Faith’s legs wrapping tightly around his torso as he thrust into her roughly, causing her to moan and grind her pelvis into him, her fingernails digging into his back and drawing blood.

Feeling himself coming closer and closer to the edge, he slipped his hand between their bodies and found her clit, massaging it and causing her to shake and scream in pleasure, her orgasm hitting her hard. The clenching of her pussy walls was too much for Graham, and he followed her, spilling his hot semen into her, his face buried in her neck.

Breathing heavily, he withdrew, falling flat on his back beside her, every muscle in his body quivering like Jell-O.

After a few minutes, Faith sat up and began collecting her scattered clothing.

"What are you doing?" he asked, confused.

"Gotta go. Got things to do."

"Wait. Don’t go."

"Sorry, but I’ve got places to be."

"At 4:00 in the morning?"

She glanced at the clock on the bedside table, and it suddenly hit her that she had no place to go.

"Come on, you can stay here. Or at least grab a shower first."

Smiling, she leaned over, resting her hands on the mattress, her large breasts hanging directly in his face.

"Care to join me?"


The water was scalding hot by the time he joined Faith. He hissed, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately.

"You certainly are the insatiable one, aren’t you?"

Grinning, she ran a soap-filled sponge over his chest and torso, loving the feel of his hard abs. She suckled on his earlobe as she washed his neck and arms, then spun him around to get his back. As the water washed the soap away from his taught body, a wicked smile crossed her face and she pushed him gently yet firmly against the shower wall, sliding down to her knees to wash his legs.

Graham rested his hands against the wall, closing his eyes as he felt her hands work his over-relaxed muscles. Her hands moved over his tight cheeks, and he realized she wasn’t holding the sponge anymore.

"What are you-"

"Shh," she murmured. "Just go along for the ride."

She ran kisses along the back of his upper thighs, massaging him gently to prepare him for what was coming. Steadily moving upward, she gently parted the cheeks of his ass, running her tongue between them.

Graham gasped in pleasure, and felt his legs wobble precariously beneath him. Gripping his upper thighs firmly, Faith continued her onslaught, causing him to lean his head against the wall and moan as previously unknown sensations wracked his body.

Letting go of one of his thighs, she slipped a hand between her own legs, rubbing her still swollen clit.

"F-faith," he managed. "I need…I need to be inside of you."

Grinning, she pulled away, and he turned around, pulling her up and spinning her around. Leaning over, Faith rested her hands against the shower wall, and he entered her from behind, burying himself in her heat and pausing a moment to regain his strength.

Turning her head, she flashed him a grin and said, "Not tired out already, are you?"

A mischievous look flashed through his eyes, and he said, "Those are fighting words."

"Bring it on."

Slapping her on the ass, he thrust into her once, and she threw her head back, her wet hair flying. Grabbing a handful of those long locks, he proceeded to pound into her, occasionally giving her a light smack, which only made her moan louder. Each time, he increased the pressure of the slap, and soon she was in the middle of the biggest orgasm yet.

When it died down, he withdrew, and she turned her head in surprise.

"Stand up," he managed to say, his cock still painfully erect. She leaned up against the wall, and raised one limber leg up to his shoulder. He held it there, and drove his cock back up into her, pushing her up against the wall for support. Faith’s cries got louder as he pounded into her quick and hard, driving her crazy with lust and pleasure.

He could tell she was on the verge of yet another orgasm, and he slid the hand around her waist down, sliding one finger up her ass. She screamed in orgasm, and shuddered around his cock, driving him to his own.

Somehow, they managed to get cleaned up and dried off, then lay in bed, the smell of sex still fresh in the room.

"So what was this important business you have to attend to?" Graham asked, stroking her almost dry hair.

"Oh, it can wait until tomorrow," Faith muttered, already half asleep.

~The End

Shades of Grey

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