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Ressurection - Part Two

Author: Kendra A Washington
Disclaimer: For legal purposes, Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt and the rest of their posse own the characters from the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series. BUT IN ALL OTHER WAYS THAT ARE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT-Buffy owns Angel and Angel owns Buffy. Always and forever.
Feedback: Hey, if not for me-then for all the terrific S/D and B/A fanfiction writers out there. You guys are all super talented and make our lives easier during these sad times of post Buffy and Angel breakup.
Dedication: To Kim, thanks for letting me know about this place and to all the B/A and S/D shippers, I love you guys! Don't worry-good things come to those who wait...
Distribution: Wow? You actually want this? Well email me and I'll give it you on a silver platter.
Background: This story takes place right after the Season Five episode-"Out of My Mind". Everything that came before it-including the original movie is used in this story. All the stuff after that episode doesn't count. :-) As for Riley-hey, I only brought out what was there to begin with...
Rating: I don't know-I'm not good at these things! I'll say R-but oh well.

Part IX- Reviving the Past

The rest of the ride to Angel’s new office was quiet. Neither knew what to say to the other. Angel concentrated on the road, trying not to think of what had happened- and unending joy he experienced. Buffy was lost in her own thoughts and doubts. She remembered everything from Thanksgiving. Then what happened last night… Angel was still here with her. She didn’t know what to feel.

Buffy loved Angel more than anything. For her, last night was a release for all those feelings that been pent up for so long. Buffy couldn’t stop asking herself why Angel hadn’t lost his soul. There was one answer she could think of- she just didn’t make him happy anymore. And that thought scared her more than anything she had faced before.

“We’re here,” he said as he turned into a shaded parking lot.

He got out of the car and let Buffy out of the passenger side. Angel opened the side door and took a step back, allowing Buffy to enter first. She mumbled a thank you, and he followed her inside.

Wesley was at a make shift table with a dozens of books around him. Several charts were laid out in front of him and he seemed very engrossed in what he was doing. One item that caught Buffy’s eye was a slightly crumpled parchment scroll. The Slayer felt a strange attraction to the scroll. She almost wanted to reach out to touch it…

Angel made their presence known and said, “Wesley, we have situation-”

The ex-Watcher jumped up from his seat, knocking over several books in the process. He quickly excused himself and began to pick them up. Buffy bent down to help him, and Wesley gasped at the sight of her.

“Buffy! You’re here,” he exclaimed.

If this were another time, Buffy would have been amused. But she merely said, “Hello, Wesley. I see you’re in full research mode…”

“Yes, um. Well your situation will have to wait-“

Buffy stood back up and began, “No it can’t. Angel and I-”

“I made love with Buffy last night,” Angel interjected.

Wesley almost knocked over another stack of books at the words. Buffy felt a slight sense of pleasure when she heard Angel use the words “make love” instead of sex. She was quickly snapped out of her happiness when she heard Wesley stammering.

“B-b-b-ut I don’t understand…. Shouldn’t you be a little more-”

“Evil? I don’t know. I just woke up... And I was still here.”

Wesley could hardly get out his next question, “Well, yes, then… And, so, ah-huh… Um- Perhaps you didn’t quite reach that- No, that’s not the appropriate to ask…um…What I’m trying to say is, is it possible you were not able to hav-”

“I feel total bliss just looking at Buffy…Yes, Wesley- I was happy. Last night was more than enough to make me completely happy.”

Buffy glanced back at him, “Wait a minute- are you just saying that or do you really mean that?”

“You know I love you, Buffy. Of course I mean it-”

“Then how come you didn’t turn as soon as you saw me?”

Angel was about to speak, but couldn’t think of answer. He only thought of the dreams. When Buffy looked at him with concern, he explained to Buffy and Wesley about the strange dreams he’d been having. First a few with Darla. And then lately ones with Buffy. He continued to tell Wesley why he had gone to back to Sunnydale. Angel skipped the specifics of his night with Buffy and just reiterated the basic fact that he had not been turned. Wesley began to look worried as he started to shake his head.

“This might have something to do with the vision.”

“What vision,” the couple asked in unison.

“Cordelia had a vision. Angel- she saw Darla. She was quite alive and might I add, fighting you and Buffy,” he said worriedly.

“That can’t be. Angel and I killed her almost four years ago,” Buffy said shaking her head in denial.

“Buffy, its possible. Something strange is going on…”

Wesley continued, “In light of that vision, I decided to review the prophecies of Aberjia. It was most disturbing. The scroll contained a resurrection spell for a vampire.”

“Meaning that Darla really COULD be out there to get us? I thought once you slay a vampire, it can’t come back,” Buffy said.

“Yes, that is essentially true. However, from what I can ascertain the scroll says that the demon resurrected will not come back as a full demon.”

Angel looked to Wesley and said, “I don’t get it. Darla is human again?”

“Yes, but not quite. Technically, she is. Unfortunately the scroll says that the resurrected will have certain powers. To exactly what end, depends on the individual… However, it is hinted those powers could include hypnotism, drawing out the subconscious, with the ability to manipulate the elements and the like.”

Angel then worriedly asked, “Could Darla make it rain?”

“I suppose it is possible. Why do you ask?”

“Darla might have tried to make me…happy. So I could be turned.”

“That doesn’t make sense. If she was trying to get us…um, I mean you…happy- She did it, right? So how come you’re not all- grrrr?”

“Well, Angel’s curse is very specific- it is even recanted in the prophecy. The happiness needs to be total and complete from circumstances of fate alone.”

“A loophole within the loophole. The fun doesn’t stop for the gypsies,” Buffy remarked.

“At any rate, her attempt backfired. She messed with our minds and the- happiness, didn’t come out naturally…But Cordelia still saw us fighting her.”

“Yes, Angel she did. Which brings me back to what I was originally trying to explain to you earlier. To even cast the first spell is very difficult- there is a month long period every millenium when it can occur.”

Buffy looked worried and asked, “Wesley, did you just say FIRST spell? As in there’s another one coming?”

“Yes, is there is a second part of the spell,” Wesley sighed. “ The resurrected demon’s existence will not last for very long.”

“I’m guessing it’s not good,” Angel said dryly.

“If not completed, then the resurrected will die on the zenith of the next full moon. Coincidentally, the next full moon is tonight.”

“She’s getting electrical equipment,” Buffy asked sarcastically.

“No. Buffy, the zenith occurs when the full moon reaches a point that is precisely perpendicular to the horizon. From my calculations, this will occur at exactly 7:00 p.m.”

Angel asked, “What does the second part include?”

“It requires the mixing of blood from what they call the strong and the fair. A sacrifice of greed must be made as well for the spell to take effect. A series of very long chants must be uttered and then a circle must be drawn using the blood,” Wesley said, showing them the passage.

“Human blood,” Buffy realized.

“I am afraid so. Then in order to complete the process, the resurrected must remain in the circle until the zenith passes. Once they do that, they will be given immortality as well as several other great powers.”

“Then we need to stop her,” Angel said determinedly.

“There is a binding and banishment spell I had in mind. We can start there,” he said.

Angel nodded and asked, “Where did Cordelia say she saw us fighting Darla?”

“I am not quite sure. She did not explain the surroundings in great detail.”

Buffy looked around the lobby and asked, “Hey, where is Cordy anyway?”

“Unfortunately, she had a ghastly headache after the vision. We were all out of aspirin, so Gunn agreed to take Cordelia to the store in his truck.”

Buffy wrinked her nose, “Gunn?”

Angel reassured Buffy, “He’s a friend. When did they leave?”

“They went just a few moments ago. Cordelia insisted they go to a market on the other side of town to obtain a specific brand of aspirin.”

“Well if those visions hurt as bad I think, I don’t blame her,” Buffy agreed.

Angel shook his head, “We need a place, Wesley…What about the scroll? Does it say where the ritual will be performed?”

“The text says that the ritual must be performed at the same location of the resurrection.”

“Which means we’ve got to figure out how to get into the basement of the Wolfram & Hart building,” Angel said, walking over to a drawer of blueprints.

Buffy opened her eyes wide with realization, “Oh God! That Wolfram and Hart lawyer thing! They’re the ones who recruited Spike and Riley! That means-”

“They’re all in cahoots, together. Spike, Riley, and Darla… Which is why we need this,” Angel said, holding up the blueprints.

“Wait a moment, Angel. Aren’t you forgetting about the security measures in the place? For example, the demon that can detect vampires,” Wesley questioned.

“I’ll go in. Then once I’m inside we’ll look for a way to get Angel in,” Buffy said.

Angel was about to protest Buffy’s involvement, but the ex-Watcher interrupted him. Determined to be of use to the couple, he suggested they research the demon while he found the specifics of the binding spell. Neither argued the idea.

The two were again caught in an awkward silence. With a glance, Angel suggested to Buffy to help Wesley research. But neither of them really focused on the task. They remembered the countless times they were in this exact situation. Angel was thinking the same thoughts Buffy had at that moment… What will happen to us now?

Part X- Getting To the Hart…

For the first two hours of research, the situation was civil. Wesley’s presence was the main reason for this- no words between the lovers were exchanged. On a hunch, Wesley went to the back for a book he needed. Once he left, the tone between the two immediately changed. The strong feelings between them were so overpowering…

“Look,” Buffy started, breaking the silence. “This is a lot for us. All three of them together like that-.”

Angel reached for Buffy’s shoulders and quickly turned her to him, “No. They want me. Darla wants me. You will live! Never mind about me, YOU WILL LIVE!”

“Is this what you call living Angel? ‘Cause its not! When I said I wanted a normal life- I meant with YOU. Nobody else. When I said we were in a rut, I meant that we needed to do more things TOGETHER…”

“I can’t,” he said, sounding more like a cry for help rather than a statement.

Buffy was in his arms, wildly shaking, “You’re always walking away from me-”

“I can’t give you anything, Buffy. And if I stay with you, I put you in danger. If I love you- I hurt you.”

Before Buffy could respond, Wesley returned with a concerned look on his face. Angel took the opportunity and pulled away from Buffy. She wanted to go back to him. But sensing that there was something wrong, Buffy turned to Wesley.

“What’s wrong? Couldn’t find the book?”

“Actually I had it in hand when something suddenly occurred to me. What time is it?”

Buffy looked at her watch, “About 4:47 p.m. Why?”

“Cordelia and Gunn haven’t returned yet. Although it does take a while to get to the market I mentioned, they ought to have returned by now.”

Just then, a crash sounded. Angel reacted and was just able to catch the steel tipped bow before it hit his chest. Reeling from the event, Buffy was barely able to catch the second one before it hit her.

“Good Lord! What in heaven’s name was that?”

“Don’t know,” Angel answered Wesley, looking over to Buffy. “Are you okay, Buffy?”

“Yeah, I’m okay… Look at this,” she said, pulling a small piece of paper attached to the bow. “Take out yours first.”

Angel complied and read the note out loud, “Darling- Its been a long time. I’ve been lonely, but your friends are keeping me company. I don’t believe this… They’ve got Gunn and Cordelia.”

“Wait, Wesley- You said that the ritual required the blood of the strong and the fair right? I never thought Cordelia was fair- but this Gunn guy, is he-”

Wesley suddenly frowned further, “Strong as an ox… In the words of my esteemed colleague- Oh dear! They will be the ones used for Darla’s resurrection.”

“Come to the offices tonight at 6:20 p.m. Alone. I may just only take their blood and nothing else if you’re good,” Buffy finished.

Angel took his coat and said, “I’ve got to go after them alone. You two stay here. Don’t argue with me on this one Buffy.”

“You need me as much I need you,” Buffy urged.

The vampire stood there, looking at his only love. More than anything he wanted to take her in his arms and show her the vastness of his love. Angel was fighting every impulse not to touch her. Buffy ignored his silent refusal and went to him instead. She tip-toed a bit so she could hold his pained face in her hands.

“We are stronger together. That’s what the Mohra demon said and I’m sticking to it. And don’t give any excuses about how you think you keep hurting the ones you love. I only hurt when I’m not with you.”

Wesley felt very out of place at the moment, but still felt he should say something, “Angel, I am fully aware of the consequences of our collective actions. However, we all share a strong bond of friendship. I absolutely refuse to let Cordelia or Gunn down.”

The Englishmen’s arguments were convincing, but it was Buffy’s look of love that spoke volumes. He stared deep into her hazel eyes and sighed. At that moment, they both silently admitted that they had been living denial. The truth was here, being in each other’s arms. Yet Angel felt just as protective of Buffy as she did of him. He did not want her anywhere near the evil that took him into the darkness.

“Together, Angel,” she charged with a determined look on her face.

“I’m not letting you get hurt,” he began, softly stroking Buffy’s shoulders.

As Wesley observed their exchange he checked the clock on the wall, “It’s almost

5:00 pm now. You must decide NOW. If you’re going alone- you don’t have a lot of time to prepare.”

Part XI- The Struggle For Power

Riley felt a sense of manly power as he stood over the unconscious May Queen and this street fighter. The blood seductively dripping from their necks made the new vampire’s mouth water. As Riley bent closer to the bodies, he was swiftly kicked in the butt.

“Umph,” he cried out, stumbling over the captives.

Spike hit him and said, “Look but don’t touch…. We need the blood, you big poof!”

Riley still in vampire face angrily said, “Quit calling me that!”

“If anyone is going to drain Spordelia here, it’s going to be me. That’s payback for the all the damn Billy Idol cracks.”

“Then I get the other one, his strength will make me powerful,” Riley said thoughtfully.

Spike couldn’t help himself from laughing, “Oh God! What did the Slayer see in you?”

“What exactly are you getting at, Johnny Rotten wannabe?”

“Hey,” he said warningly as he gathered the blood. “Just telling you the truth.”

“And that would be?”

“You’re the doormat to every bleedin’ woman out there! Always will be. If not to the Slayer then to Darla. Face it- you’ll always be hiding behind the skirt of a girl.”

“Oh I’m so weak right? Then what are you doing here, huh?”

Spike shrugged it off and simply said, “I admit I’m slave to my obsessions- and respect my elders… Bloody hell! You’re not even man enough to say that. And sad part is, it’s not like you haven’t tried. Little Buffy has quite the imagination doesn’t she?”

Riley strode over to him and spoke in his face, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Are you deaf AND dumb? I’ve heard her call you her lover’s name during all those stupid Scooby Gang meetings…We both know all too well- the Slayer opens her legs and heart to one vampire… And his name is-”

“You rang,” Angel called out, jumping Riley from behind.

Riley’s reflexes were still slow, and Angel’s punch connected squarely to his jaw. He tumbled to the floor. Spike turned in full vampire face to his sire.

“Oooh… Don’t get too happy at that one. Felt good didn’t it? Kicking his bloody bum- knowing that he’s touched your precious Buffy in the same places you’ve-”

Spike didn’t finish his sentence before Angel lunged at him next. The blonde vampire was surprised at the attack and took the full brunt of the assault. He slightly regretted taunting his sire in such a manner. Although Spike could pummel the ex-commando, he was still recovering from the spell worked on him. Even at full strength, Spike could just barely keep up with Angel.

“Hmmm….Still having performance problems? Well, I’m sure it happens to a lot of men even after they’ve sought professional help,” Angel quipped, in full game face.

The two vampires continued fighting, exchanging blows- not paying attention to the figure in back of them. As the jeers on Angel’s part continued, Spike became more and more angry. Finally, he used the rage to overcome Angel and held both of his arms back. Using all of his strength Spike pushed Angel down on knees, not sure if he could hold him down for very long.

“Riley, you sod! Get a stake,” he ordered, as Angel twisted against him.

The newly made vampire walked in from the back, glaring at Angel. Hearing the command, Riley walked over a large broken crate that was nearby. He yanked a plank from the connected boards and smiled back.

“Well Angel… We know who the bigger man is now,” Riley said, walking over to him.

“Yeah… It must take big pair to stake me like this. Tell something- how does it feel being Spike's lap dog?”

Enraged at the label, Riley pulled back the wooden stake- ready to thrust the weapon into Angel’s undead heart. His hand went down, but just before he connected another hand grabbed his wrist. The harsh grip forced him to drop the weapon and turn around.

“Time to break up this little boys club,” Buffy said, pulling Riley to the side.

Riley groaned from the pain, but still showed his bravado, “Buffy- long time no see... How about we pick up right where we left off? I’ll be on top.”

Angel flinched at the remark, but he took the interruption to his advantage. Spike was amused by the scene and did not foresee Angel flipping him over. Buffy shuttered at the thought of being touched by anyone except Angel. She quickly shook off the comment and continued to twist Riley’s arm.

“Angel, you’ve definitely lost the title to World’s Best Actor. I still don’t know how I could pretend THIS was you,” she retorted.

Angel pinned Spike against the while marble wall and said, “I’d like nothing better to stake the both of them-”

“But we’ve still got to deal with Darla. Right. Here,” Buffy picked up some chains with her foot. “We’ll just tie you two together. That should be torture for you both.”

The two warriors quickly tied the vampires to one of the iron fixtures on the wall. Angel couldn’t control his impulses and knocked the two out. Buffy gave him a slight smile of approval as she quickly walked over to Cordelia and Gunn. Wesley stepped out of the shadows, running with the scroll in hand. He surveyed his two unconscious friends.

“The wounds don’t look so bad,” he said, kneeling down to tie his handkerchief around Cordelia’s neck. “They didn’t take a lot of blood. I think they’ll be all right.”

“Let’s stick to the plan… Wesley- Get them out of here. Buffy,” Angel said, turning lovingly to his girl that looked sweetly back. “Stay close to me?”

Buffy grasped his hand back, “Always.”

“You had better take the binding spell found in the prophecies then,” Wesley said, giving the scroll to Buffy.

“Wait a second,” she said looking at her watch. “Wesley, its 6:35. Where’s the vial of blood Spike had?”

The three looked around, but the vial had disappeared. Just then, a soft voice could be heard. Even with their supernatural hearing, neither the Slayer or the vampire could make out the words. As the voice grew louder, Wesley eyes shot open.

Part XII- Come Back To Me

The ex-Watcher said hurriedly, “I hear chanting! Angel, Buffy- Watch out! It’s-”

“Just me,” Darla cooed, almost floating into the room with a wooden box in her hands.

Buffy stared at Darla, surveying her clothing, “Well- someone took a hint and dropped the Catholic school girl look. Hey, that’s MY dress!”

“Well- I didn’t think you’d be needing it. I found it lying on the floor next to that boy’s pants,” she shot back, pointing at the unconscious Riley.

“That was a cheap shot! I love Angel more than you could EVER comprehend,” Buffy said, stepping in front of Angel.

“We refuse to let you achieve complete resurrection,” Wesley said, just as Cordelia and Gunn were waking up.

“Let me at them,” Cordelia said groggily.

“My! We have an audience. Let’s keep this at a duet,” Darla said as she waved her hand.

The three associates tumbled back. Angel turned in their direction and saw them stumbling around. Buffy saw Cordelia grasping the ground with her hands.

“What have you done,” Gunn demanded reaching into the empty air.

“I just tapped into your collective subconscious… We’re all afraid of something. You all share the same fear… Not being able to see the evil. Impressed,” Darla asked.

Angel tried to stay calm and said, “Look this has nothing to do with them. So why don’t we leave them alone?”

“Coming around to your senses, sweetheart. Very well.”

Darla waved her hand again. Buffy felt a small gust enter the room, but the wind grew stronger. Before she knew it, a small tornado forced open the main doors to the basement. Wesley, Gunn, and Cordelia were suddenly swept up and blown out of the room like leaves. Buffy felt herself rising too. The Slayer reached out for Angel, and she felt his strong hands hold her fiercely. Buffy returned that devotion, and she grabbed tightly onto her lover.

“Angel, you don’t need her,” Darla said as she stopped the wind. “You know what you want. What you’re blood is screaming out to you.”

Angel caught Buffy as the wind died down. The doors swiftly closed, locking the three inside of the room. As soon as Buffy got on her feet, she looked up at Angel.

“Are you all right,” the Slayer asked, afraid to lose him.

Angel said in surprise, “I wasn’t the one lifted 10 feet from the floor. Are YOU okay?”

“I meant about what Darla said. Angel, I love you-”

Darla interrupted, “I’m still here, children… You know its true, Buffy. Angelus is for me, little slut.”

Angel turned back to Darla and yelled, “I love her! She kissed me Darla.”

“And she also bedded other men…”

“You know what I mean. Buffy kissed me. As I am. Face and all.”

“I MADE YOU,” she screamed at him. “And I’m offering you something she’ll never be able to give you. I’m giving you’re identity. Yourself, Angelus.”

Angel glared at her and said with resolution, “You have nothing I want.”

Darla smiled and slowly opened the box. Buffy and Angel wanted to throw up at the sight. Both recoiled from contents of the box. The bloodied heads of Lindsey and Lila lay in its purple velvet folds. Their faces were testament to the horrible pain and fear they suffered as their bodies were decapitated.

“Its all for you. They are no longer a problem. You won’t have to worry about them anymore… And together WE can be the supreme force, just like before.”

“Things are different, Darla. I AM DIFFERENT,” he insisted, feeling the demon within him stir.

“You are the lovely monster I made you, darling. Everyone sees it. That lady cop sees it. Her father saw it before he died. Hmmm… Even your little Slayer’s MOTHER sees that. And you know what? She was right to force you to leave her. You belong to ME,” Darla said as she ran her fingers down his cheek.

Buffy shouted in surprise, “My mother made you leave??? Oh that’s it girlie-girl. You’re dealing with me now. NOBODY TOUCHES THE MAN I LOVE!”

Buffy ran up to Darla and began her tirade of punches. Darla fell down, dropping the box of heads on top of Angel. The box hit him hard, knocking him unconscious. Darla tried to wave her hands again, but the Slayer pinned her down. Buffy began chanting the binding spell while she held Darla down. But just as she was near the end the Slayer lost her advantage. Darla quickly rolled Buffy to the floor. Darla was now on top her.

“Angelus is mine. He will come with me. The resurrection is almost complete. Look at the floor,” she cackled, strangling the Slayer.

Buffy turned her head and saw a circle of blood on the floor. She gasped as she saw the empty vial tucked inside the hem of Darla’s dress. Darla merely laughed again.

“I’m not at full strength yet… But I’m getting there,” Darla growled.

Darla felt another wave of power rush over her body. Suddenly, she didn’t need both hands to restrain Buffy anymore. She used her right hand to reach for the wooden plank Riley had dropped earlier. She now held the improvised stake over Buffy’s head. Angel’s eyes opened just as he saw Darla raise the stake.

“How ironic… Me killing YOU with a stake. Enjoy your death,” Darla said drawing the stake downward.

Angel slid over to the two women and screamed, “NOOOO!!!”

He knocked Darla off of Buffy, rolling himself onto Darla. Confused by the sudden motion, Darla’s hand slipped. The stake was caught squarely in Angel’s chest. Buffy watched the scene in horror and ran over to him, calling his name.

He reached out his hand and called her name, but it was too late. Buffy watched as her lover disappeared before her very eyes. Darla was shocked as she felt the dust fall onto her body. She started to sob, lying on the floor with Angel’s ashes around her. Fighting the numbness from her soul, Buffy managed to whisper the last word of the spell.

The ground beneath them rumbled. Buffy felt the winds blow in again, and the door swung open. The gusts all gathered in the center of the large room, swirling to form a glowing red vortex. Still crying, the gust sucked Darla inside its fiery depths. As the vortex closed, Buffy heard Darla wail and felt them infinitely louder in her own heart.

“Angel,” she cried. “Come back to me.”

Part XIII- The Sacrifice

As soon as Darla had been banished, Wesley and the others quickly staggered back into the basement. Still blind, they did not see Buffy crying over a pile of dust. In between gasps of breath, Buffy tried to explain what had happened. Wesley was the first to get back his vision, and stared at Angel’s remains.

“What’s happening,” Cordelia asked, suddenly scared.

“He’s dead,” Gunn answered, his eyes reverting back to normal.

Cordelia got her vision back, as her eyes adjusted to the floor. She saw the pile and fell down on her knees to begin her own sobbing. Gunn tried to comfort her, but a dark sadness filled his own heart as well. Wesley looked on at Buffy, half-knowing the torment that raged within her. He slid next to Buffy and tried to put his hand on her shoulder.

“He can’t be dead! He’s Angel,” Cordelia cried out.

“There’s nothing we can do, Cordelia. We can’t bring him back,” Gunn tried to reason.

Suddenly Buffy’s head shot up. She turned over to Wesley, who did not realize the fault of Gunn’s statement. Buffy took the scroll from her belt and unraveled it. Some it was in English, but rest was in Latin. There was still a chance he could come back… She whipped Wesley out of his mourning.

“Wesley, we need to resurrect him,” Buffy said stubbornly.

The ex-Watcher shook his head sadly, “We need a sacrifice of greed for it Buffy. And one vampire for every century Angel’s been alive… It’s too late.”

“No it’s not,” she asserted. “We have Spike and Riley now, and that’s enough to cover the two centuries he’s been alive. We can do this,”

Gunn looked over to Wesley and asked, “Can we bring the boy back?”

Wesley shook his head, “Buffy, you aren’t properly schooled in the magiks. Lindsey was able to do it because he had the training-”

“Guys, I’m going to this,” Buffy said, taking out the scroll.

Gunn looked Buffy over and said, “Hold up- This is Buffy right? As in The Slayer? That pretty thing Angel’s been pining over since I met him? I wouldn’t be telling her what she can and can’t do, brother.”

“Wesley- if she can bring Angel back, then maybe,“ Cordelia agreed.

“No! I’m afraid you all don’t understand-“

“We need to do this now,” Buffy said, getting into the circle.

“This is highly dangerous for you! And it is going to take a lot of energy… Even if you were fully rested, the ritual could kill you. Buffy, if you do this, you may not survive,” Wesley warned.

Buffy quickly looked at her watch, “We don’t have much time. Only ten minutes before the zenith, and we need to do both spells…”

Cordelia was shocked and said, “Wait! You won’t survive? No way-”

“Don’t argue with me! I’m doing this. I just have to be careful about the Latin.”

“We still need the sacrifice of greed-”

“Darla must have it here somewhere! We don’t have time to look for it! If she were going to complete the resurrection she’d have done it already! I love him,” Buffy yelled.

Wesley began to protest again, but Buffy had already started. Buffy felt her eyes glaze over, and her body went numb. She felt that somehow, she was outside of herself. The only action that kept her conscious was the chanting. All she could do was chant…

Part XIV- I Will Lie With Thee Tonight

“I can’t let Buffy die,” Cordelia said, making her way to Buffy.

“No! Do not interrupt her! If you do, she will most certainly die. Cordelia we have to help her. NOW,” Wesley said, holding the brunette back.

Gunn put his hand on her shoulder and said, “I may not know her all that well- but this is something the girl’s just got to do.”

“The best way to help her is to do this for her, Cordelia. Just follow my lead and say- ‘Yet they live.’ After each line,” Wesley urged.

Buffy continued on during this exchange- quickly coming to the parts where a response was needed. The three of them had to fight to keep up with Buffy’s speed. As they neared the Latin part of the spell, the group felt the tremors beneath them. Undaunted, Buffy continued- fixed on her purpose to bring her lover back from the dust.

Abruptly, another whirlwind emerged and engulfed the still unconscious Spike and Riley. Their bodies turned into dust and bones. A mixture of wind and dust began to whirlwind around Angel’s own ashes. The force of the wind was so powerful, the group had a hard time standing up straight. Buffy, almost outside of herself stood erect- chanting, steadfast, fighting to channel the energy… Feeling her own life, her energy- leaving her body.

“Sergei, Serga,” Buffy chanted, feeling her breath drain out of her.

A hot blue light suddenly emanated from the whirlwind- and a sonic wave propelled Buffy to the wall. Her tiny frame crashed into the cold marble, and fell out of the blood circle. The moment her body fell to the floor, the light engulfed the ashes in a brilliant exposition. When the light faded away, Angel’s wet, sweaty naked body appeared.

“Buffy,” he coughed, desperately looking for his love.

Angel immediately became scared. He couldn’t feel her life force as he always had. There were times when he was separated from her- but he could always feel her existence in his soul. Now his soul heard nothing… Still a little groggy from the ordeal, his eyes had trouble adjusting to the dimly lit room. Angel moved on instinct, trying to feel even the most remote sensation that Buffy provoked in him.

“No! Angel you must stay in the circle,” Wesley cried out.

Yet he paid no attention to the screams and shouts of his staff- straining to see in the darkness. And that's when he saw her. Buffy’s lifeless body lay just outside of the circle, her neck twisted at a horrible angle. Angel stepped out of the circle and held onto his lover’s corpse, still warm.

“I need you, Buffy. I need you, because I love you,” he whispered, shaking her in a futile attempt to bring her back.

“Go back in the circle, there’s not much time left,” Cordelia cried.

Angel looked to the group in tears, “Let me die! Let me be with her…”

He pulled her into his own lap, rocking her back and forth. They had resurrected him, but he refused to spend eternity without her. Angel had lost everything. He had lost his only love. All of the control he had gained over the years failed him. His heart was now truly dead, freeing all of his tears to the surface.

Angel felt his body turning to dust once more. He was dying. He knew he had only a few moments left to live. He ran his hands through her blonde silky hair and kissed her cheek.

“I will lie with thee tonight,” he whispered.

And with that, he embraced her and together the two warriors lay down on the ground-dead.

Part XV- Their Fate

Gunn looked down in horror at the bodies of Buffy and Angel. Cordelia had her head burrowed in Wesley’s chest. All of three of them looked down in despair. After all of what the two lovers had sacrificed for each other, this was their fate. Death.

At that moment, Gunn saw a beam of light streaming from a crack in window. He turned his head to get a better look and saw the full moon shinning back at him. The beam of light lit up the circle of blood, causing it to glow with a white-blue hue. He watched as the light engulfed the bodies, making them radiate with electric energy.

“Wes- check it out,” he said, pointing to the circle.

The two turned to follow Gunn’s gaze at the circle. The light shone on the bodies- which were just barely inside its rim. All at once, the ground began to shake again. They all tried to see what was going on, but smoke and midst obstructed their view. It billowed and curled around the bodies, until another brilliant light blinded the three of them again.

Another sonic wave brought the trio to their knees. Just as quickly as it began- it was over. The smoke evaporated, revealing the two lovers embraced together.

Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn ran to the spot where Buffy and Angel lay. The two lovers returned to consciousness, only slightly disoriented. Cordelia bent down to help Buffy up, and Gunn did the same for Angel.

“Shanshu,” Buffy whispered hoarsely.

Wesley looked at her in surprise and said, “What?”

“I don’t know… That’s… just what… I heard…Shanshu,” she huffed.

Angel tightened his grip on her and said, “Oh, God… I love you Buffy.”

They sat together like that, holding onto each other fiercely. Wesley quickly consulted the scroll, looking for an explanation. Gunn surveyed the area, making sure it was safe from anything else that would come. Cordelia covered Angel with Gunn’s trenchcoat and he quietly thanked her.

“But it said Angel would be human… I suppose I could have been wrong about the translation... However, Buffy died,” Wesley puzzled.

“Hey- Hate to break this up. But I found this,” Gunn said, picking up Darla’s box.

He walked over to the group and held it upside down for them to see. Buffy and Angel were surprised when they saw it was empty.

“There were heads in there… The lawyers, I mean… Darla cut them up,” Buffy said.

A look of awareness dawned on Wesley’s face, “The sacrifice of greed… Darla wasn’t going to resurrect just herself- She wanted to resurrect Angel as well.”

“What does that mean,” Angel said, trying to stand up with Buffy.

“That means- you and Buffy are… Resurrected. Both of you have come back from the dead with immortality,” Wesley said stunned.

Buffy stared at Wesley, “Hold on. We’re…immortal?”

“I thought you said Angel would just be human,” Cordelia asked, turning to Wesley.

“Well it is possible. For the moment we first resurrected him, Angel was technically human. But now… If the translation holds, he should have the same strengths he had as a demon, possibly with other new powers…”

“Wait, hold up… The two of them are unkillable,” Gunn asked, wanting answers.

“If this is true…In their new immortal state, Buffy and Angel can not die unless they are killed in a particular way… Angel is technically not a full vampire at this rate,” Wesley confessed.

“It doesn’t matter…. Angel you’re here…I just want get out of here,” Buffy said softly.

Angel smiled and held her tight, “I know, we’ll go together...”

Part XVI- Returning Home

It had been a long night for the entire group. Gunn decided to head for home, while the rest of them piled up in Angel’s car. Cordelia was about to protest to it, but Angel silenced her. He understood it was Gunn’s way. Just before he left, Gunn patted Angel’s shoulder. The look in his eyes said everything. Angel silently understood Gunn’s approval of Buffy.

The ride back to the offices was relatively quiet, save for Wesley’s musings. After looking at the scroll again, he was still unsure of what exactly happened. In the end, he stuck to his original conclusions about the resurrection. Angel would have at least the same abilities as did when he was a vampire. Yet it was mystery if he would develop new powers. Also, there was the matter of Buffy resurrecting with Angel. She could have easily gotten a few aspects of the demon as well.

Wesley admitted, he didn’t have any clear cut answers on that. He only knew what the rest of them knew for sure- Angel was no longer a full vampire… And Buffy had escaped the destiny of all the Slayers before her- death.

It was around 8 p.m. once they arrived at the offices. Sensing that Buffy and Angel needed some time alone together, Wesley and Cordelia left on his motorcycle. Before Cordelia left though, she pulled Buffy aside.

“Wesley and I have been talking… And if Angel isn’t a vampire anymore- then that means no curse,” she whispered.

“Cordelia, I-”

“Buffy, even Gunn sees how much you two love each other. And you’ve known him for what? Half an hour?”

The Slayer turned to her old friend and said, “I don’t know what to do-”

“Make him happy… Let him make you happy… Be happy together- just try to restrain yourselves while I’m around,” she said as she climbed onto the bike.

“But what if he doesn’t want-”

“He truly does love you, Buffy. Cordelia and I thought we should leave so the both of you could have some privacy,” Wesley said as he revved the engine.

“I’ve got cookie dough fudge and mint chip in the refrigerator. Tell Angel we’re taking tomorrow off,” Cordelia said as she put on Wesley’s helmet.

Before Buffy had a chance to respond, the two sped off into the night. Buffy slowly walked back inside the building. She walked over to the refrigerator and opened the freezer. As Buffy took the two cartons of ice cream out, Angel walked behind her.

“Hi,” Angel said shyly, unsure of anything else to say.

“Hey, um… Cordelia said this was all the food you guys had,” she said, holding up the two flavors.

“Oh… Yeah. I guess Cordelia was cheating on her diet… What kind of ice cream is it,” he asked, surprised that there was ice cream.

“We have two different kinds…Cookie dough fudge and mint chip,” she said, feeling the awkwardness of the moment.

“Buffy, when we made… well, um, when we had our day together, wasn’t there… I mean… Couldn’t she have bought-”

“I know… They don’t make all ready mixed cookie dough fudge mint chip anymore. The company split the two flavors apart.”

“Oh I see,” Angel said sadly, insecure with his feelings.

Buffy decided to cut through the tension and said, “Angel we’ve been through a lot tonight. And things were said-”

“You don’t have to say anything, Buffy.”

“No! I do. Angel- I meant every word I said tonight. God, tonight is the first time in a long time I can say that! I love you Angel. Maybe we can-”

Angel walked to her and held her tightly, “No, Buffy. Don’t finish that sentence. I love you. I’ve always loved you. But feel,” he took Buffy’s hand in his and held it to his chest.


“I don’t have a heartbeat… I’m still cold. I can’t offer you anything-”

“Angel you give me yourself! And that’s all I ever wanted. You,” Buffy said, letting her head fall on his chest.

He let himself get lost in her and said, “I want you so much… But you’ve had other men- and we still can’t-”

“I’ve only loved you Angel. Just you. You’re technically not a real vampire anymore! So the curse kinda doesn’t count,” she bellowed, her breath hot on his neck.

Angel leaned forward into her but he said, “I still might not be able to give you children or walk in th-“

“I don’t come with any guarantees either, Angel. We’re in the same boat now… We’ve both died and come back… forever. It’s just hard feeling so ashamed- the two of us fighting and me with Riley,” she said sadly.

He pulled Buffy his to his head, so tempted to kiss her back, “Don’t you think that you’re not special or amazing… YOU ARE. I haven’t been the best in this relationship either… I’ve kept things from you, too.”

“The whole thing with my mom? Oh I’m sooo going to kill her,” Buffy confided.

“Not that. Something else…”

Buffy looked at him with total love and said, “Angel, I don’t care. We’ve both done really horrible things in our lives…But we’re here together now. And I want my life to be with you, forever.”

“I do too, love,” he whispered, gently stroking her back. “ You know…We’ve come a long way together. You and me.”

Buffy hugged him back, transferring heat to warm Angel’s cold body. At that moment, they both realized that only thing Angel had on was a trench coat Gunn had lent him. Buffy and Angel were already brimming with desire- and the realization broke the dam of their control. Without hesitation, their lips met in a rebirth of their love.

Angel felt himself melt into Buffy’s gentle touch and wrapped his arms around her waist. As they continued to kiss, Angel began to pull away so Buffy could breathe- but she stopped him. With a glance, Angel knew- Buffy didn’t need any air. Buffy shot him a hungry look and she pulled him back to her burning lips.

When their lips met, a flash of lightening lit the dim room. The couple heard raindrops on the roof as a clap of thunder sounded. Angel smiled against Buffy’s mouth and teasingly pulled a little away.

“They’re playing our song,” he tantalized, stroking her cheek.

“Mmmm… The last time we were like this, we agreed to take things…slow,“ she said, seductively rubbing his chest through the coat.

“Slow,” he echoed, as his mouth traveled downward to kiss her chest over her silk shirt. “I’ll make sure we go very, very, very, very slow.”

“Well, we might want to take the varied approach on speed,” she teased, as he pulled her back to his mouth.

Their kisses became even more intense than the couple thought possible. Buffy felt her body hum not only at his touch, but just at his mere presence. She began to feel weak in the knees. Wanting more of him as each second passed, she jumped up- wrapping her legs around his lean waist.

Angel became increasingly aware of his own body against Buffy’s. They needed each other. Now. As he felt her legs wrap around him, Angel began maneuvering their intertwined frames to the staircase. Buffy held onto him tightly, as he tried to make his way to his apartment. Along way they were dangerously close to their passion erupting on the flight of steps. But they were able to reach Angel’s apartment, letting nothing hold their love for each other back.

Angel stopped his ardent kisses for a moment and Buffy looked visibly disappointed. The disappointment didn’t last for very long- before she knew it, he whisked her into the air. He cradled her in his arms, and Buffy tenderly gripped his neck. Like a groom and bride, Angel carried Buffy over the threshold of his hotel penthouse. With both arms he held onto Buffy lovingly, closing the door with his foot.

When they got inside, Buffy fervidly wanted to continue their kisses- but Angel stopped her again with his index finger. He laid Buffy down on his bed, but to her surprise- he sat on a wooden chair next to the bed. Angel tried to reassure her, looking at her with all the love in his heart.

“Buffy- there’s something I need to tell you,” he whispered as he kissed her hand.

Buffy slanted her body to Angel and said, “I told you already, I don’t care. I just want you, always.”

“No… I have to say this. You have to know.”

“What is it,” she asked, fear reflecting in her eyes.

“Nothing bad… I promise,” he said, looking at her hazel eyes.

“Then what’s going on?”

“The ring,” he said as he gently rubbed her naked left ring finger. “The claddagh I gave you. For your birthday? I didn’t… I didn’t tell you everything.”

“What do you mean,” she asked, wrapping her arms around him, holding him close.

“That night… I married you. When I put the ring on your finger and I said those things I did… I married you. Over here it doesn’t mean anything- but during my day in Ireland-”

“We would have been married,” she finished quietly.

Angel looked at her, slightly surprised, “You’re not angry with me?”

“No. Why would I? I think that night we had something- sacred… And how great of a present is that,” she said, softly kissing him on the forehead. “I think I’ve always known. Sorta… On some level.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before…When Angelus came, every part of me fought him from telling you- I didn’t want it to come out that way. And after that I just didn’t want you to feel obligated to me,” he confided.

Buffy ran her fingers through his dark brown hair and said, “Loving you is never an obligation. It’s a privilege. Something I sometimes think I don’t deserve-”

“But you do-”

“Exactly! This is what we need to remind ourselves, Angel. We deserve each other. Always. Forever, that’s the whole point, remember?”

“When I’m with you, I don’t need to be reminded as much… I feel it,” he said, snuggling his head onto her shoulder.

“Well then… That settles it. We just won’t leave each other alone,” she said, drawing him in her a soulful, sensual kiss.

Angel pulled back again- but his left arm was still tightly wrapped around Buffy. He reached over to a nightstand on his bed. He opened up a drawer revealing inside a black satin jewelry box. He took out the box and got on his knees in front of Buffy. The Slayer beamed with joy and she felt the tears welling up inside of her. Angel smiled that sexy half-smile she loved, as he opened up the box.

“I found this after I came back. Buffy, I want to make that commitment to you… Again, and again, and again,” he simply said, holding up the claddagh ring.

“I looked everywhere in the mansion for it,” Buffy said in wonder.

“The crown represents, loyalty. The hands for friendship and the heart- for love,” Angel said, now finding a confidence he did not have three years ago.

“With the heart facing toward you… That means you belong to someone,” Buffy said.

“So, will you-”

“Yes,” Buffy cried before he had a chance to finish. “You don’t even have to ask- I’m already yours, you know.”

With each moment that passed, Angel kept amending his definition of happiness. Being with his Buffy- made the each passing second more special than he thought possible. The truth and freedom was here- in his arms. And he knew that he would never have to let go of it again. Feeling like a giddy teenager, he kissed the ring and held up Buffy’s hand.

Angel excitedly slipped the sliver ring on her tiny finger. He looked at her hands in awe, and Buffy looked down with him. The ring felt snug against her skin and she wondered how she had lived for so long without its touch- without Angel’s touch. With a slightly mischievous grin, Buffy arched herself back onto the blue satin sheets of the bed. She pulled Angel on top of her and gave him an enticing kiss. He eagerly returned it, but looked shocked when she pulled away.

“What’s wrong,” he asked, worry apparent in his voice.

Buffy said nothing as she guided his hands to her short silk blouse, letting him feel the flesh sticking out of it. She motioned to him and he undid the buttons, quickly sliding it off. Her red silk bra was the only thing that covered the rest of her chest, and Angel reveled in the sensation of touching her flesh against that fabric. He marveled at how Buffy’s skin felt so much softer that the material. With his eyes fixed onto hers- his thumbs gently massaged her.

She moaned softly as he proceeded with his orchestrations. But she giggled when he felt something hard between his fingers. Buffy smiled again as he stopped to look at that spot in confusion. She guided his hands again to the front clasp of her bra, and he gently removed it. Angel peaked inside of the bra’s cup at saw a glimmer of metal shine in the nightlight. Buffy pulled the ring out of its place and tossed the bra onto the floor.

“I found this when you came back too… But this was too big for me,” she said holding up Angel’s claddagh ring for him to see.

“You’ve had it all this time,” he smiled back, staring at it in Buffy’s tiny fingers.

“They’re the symbol of our connection. The rings, I mean. And that’s why I kept it close to my heart,” Buffy explained.

“So where does it go,” he asked with a hint of playfulness in his voice.

“Right here,” she said, slipping it onto his left ring finger- with the heart facing inward. “There. Now we match, like we always do, husband.”

“Wife,” he whispered kissing her again, removing the last obstacles to their joining.

Angel looked into Buffy’s eyes and saw the fire that shone brightly in them. His own eyes reflected that same burning. In each other’s eyes, the couple discovered happiness, love, and a sense of hope that they both thought could never be found again. He felt slightly nervous as he continued his kisses, his hands roaming around her bare being. Buffy shared the anxiety, but as their bodies moved closer- the worries left the couple’s thoughts.

They exulted in their union, finally feeling from their profound love the total freedom it engendered. While it may have taken a while for them to get this bounty, the journey made its destination all the more worthwhile. During this renaissance of souls, they rediscovered the true meaning of being complete. Both of them realized they were two different people, contrasting each other perfectly- Angel’s large, masculine frame emptying into Buffy’s tiny feminine body. Yet they were two different parts of the one whole. Delighting in these differences- coupled with the knowledge that they shared the same essence.

Their love finally knew no bounds. Together they could be gentle, slow and tender. Together they could be brisk, ravishing and voracious. What never wavered throughout the night was their passion and love for each other. Acutely aware of the other’s spirit as well as their body- and the merging of those parts into a single entity. Although they could have easily continued on like this, the couple finally decided to proceed with their expression at dawn.

Curling inside of each other, they allowed sleep pass over them. Buffy cooed into Angel’s chest and he tightened his already firm embrace. His mind drowned in the happiness Buffy had given him. He returned her reflection with an aroused satisfyingly husky moan. And as Buffy lay on top of Angel, she slowly closed her eyes. Just before she let them close, her eyes wandered over to the night table. She smiled at the empty containers of ice cream they had devoured.

“What are you thinking,” he asked, stroking her arms with his index finger.

“Oh Angel…You know- most people don’t think that mint chip and cookie dough fudge could taste so good together,” she said, beginning to doze off in his comfortable grasp.

“Mmmm, I can see that,” he yawned, letting himself drift with Buffy into subconscious.

“But Angel… I can’t imagine my life without them together,” she said thoughtfully.

“I can’t either,” he added, knowing Buffy meant something more than just the ice cream.

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