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Designed for Perfect Happiness - Part Two

Author: Kendra A Washington
Disclaimer: For legal purposes, Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt and the rest of their posse own the characters from the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series. BUT IN ALL OTHER WAYS THAT ARE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT- Buffy owns Angel and Angel owns Buffy. Always and forever.
Feedback: Hey, if not for me- then for all the terrific S/D and B/A fanfiction writers out there. You guys are all super talented and make our lives easier during these sad times of post Buffy and Angel breakup.
Dedication: To Sara-Lee, thank you for being my friend, helping me with this fic and so much more. I hope this makes you feel better! And always to all the B/A and S/D shippers, I love you guys! We are a force to be reckoned with- from our faith and efforts, Buffy and Angel will be together again. We'll get our day!
Distribution: Wow? You actually want this? Well email me and I'll give it you on a silver platter.
Rating: NC-17.
Background: This takes place after the Buffy Season Five episode of INTERVENTION and the Angel Season Two episode, DEAD END.

Part V- Wait No More

In a blur, he grabs his gray shirt off the floor and I get my clothes back on. Suddenly, we’re racing down the stairs. We have no plan or even a vague hint of what to do when we get there. Yet we’re running. Running through the corridors, down the first flight of stairs- until Angel stops.

I see a trio of unhappy faces- Cordelia, Wesley and a third young man.

“Where’s the fire at,” the man asks, and I realize it’s the same voice I heard yelling at Angel before.

“Gunn! We need to get to the Wolfram and Hart office building,” Angel says trying to step away from the lean body blocking him.

“Here we go again,” Cordelia cuttingly added.

“Angel,” Wesley began in an almost condescending tone, reminding me of the days when he used to be my Watcher. “I thought we had a discussion-”

“I know- but there’s not much time,” Angel says, tugging me in tow.

“Not even enough time to say hello,” Gunn counters sternly, looking at me.

“Hello. I’m Buffy. Sort of. Which is part of the reason we need to leave now,” I say back at him from my place beside Angel.

“Things are- I can’t really explain it right now! Buffy can explain things while we drive there,” Angel says hurriedly.

Wesley stops him, “Angel, we simply can’t run off into the night without knowing what we’re fighting. And besides- a very well to do client will be coming shortly. He will page me within moments of his arrival!”

“And I’m not asking you to,” Angel implores again, a desperately honest look caressing his features. “I’m asking you to trust me.”

“And it’s not like we can’t trust you right,” Cordelia yelled out to him, propping up her feet on the table in defiance. “Cause Angel has NEVER done anything to make us not trust him...”

“I can’t do this now,” Angel slightly moaned, grinding his teeth.

“And we can’t do this now,” Gunn shortly responded, going back to polishing his axes.

Angel opened his eyes in disbelief at the words. We both stand there in stunned silence as the trio continued to prepare for their meeting. Angel quickly turned back to me on the staircase, I don’t hesitate to nod my head in his support.

“There are some weapons in the closet,” he tells me, pointing to the other side of the large lobby. “Get as many as you can, plus the blueprints of the building. The plans should be inside too. I’m going to bring the car to the front.”

Once he sees I’ve understood him, he runs forward to the garage. On his way out he’s careful to avoid Gunn by the doorway. I run over to the closet and rapidly start my search. I’m sorting through all of the various items, tossing out anything I think we can use. The group says nothing nor helps me in my search, but I’m able to find what we need. My arms are full and I can just barely manage to close the door with my foot. Cautiously balancing my heavy load, I make my way to the door.

“Nice seeing you again, Buffy. Next time- call before us you ruin our chance to teach Angel a lesson,” Cordelia vexed.

Her remark surprises even me and I turn to her, “This has nothing to with teaching anyone a lesson! This is about saving souls- helping the hopeless.”

“This is for Angel’s soul as well as our own, Buffy. Angel needs to understand that we are his subordinates no longer. We are our own individuals. AND that we do have our clients to think about as well,” Wesley affirms, though he shoots an eye at Cordelia for her remark.

“We all ain’t at his beck and call,” Gunn agreed. “We have people who need us.”

“People with money,” I mumble, going as fast as I can to the door.

Each second counts for Buffy. There is no time for explanations… I need to run. My synapses fire with electricity, urging my heavy metal legs as quickly as I can out the door. And I can tell my comment hits them all a little too close to home.

“Buffy,” Wesley calls out for me in concern.

I hear him at the door, as I pass the end of the covered patio. But I also hear a loud beeping, piercing the night air. Without stopping to turn my head, I know it’s coming from Wesley. It is a sound that I know commands him to stay.

I can already feel his regret as his eyes bore into my back. I feel all of their regret as Angel races to the curb for me. I drop our supplies in the backseat and hop in, still aware of their eyes on us. But as we disappear into the night, I also see a long, long, long white limousine quickly take our place at the Hyperion’s front curb…

The large black convertible is screaming down the street off onto LA’s highways as we both try to think. The highway is long but Angel speeds down the roads as fast as he can.

He begins to ask me, “The procedure-”

“They’re inside the building- called in the doctors,” I finish for him. “I think- it looks like the same room from before…”

“Before when they Xeroxed your soul,” Angel concluded, turning onto the off ramp that led them downtown. “The question is- how are we going to get inside there?”

“Maybe there’s no way to get in,” I say quietly, as we slow down to pass a large park next to the skyscraper.

Angel stops the car, just at the shady end of the vast empty green park. He turns off the ignition and moves his body to face me. He takes my little hands in his, and I look deep into his dark penetrating eyes of determination.

“We are going to get you out,” he vows, easily cutting through the paradox he’s just spoken. “We will find a way to get you out.”

“No,” I shake my head, hundreds of guards with sharp pointed stakes marching through my mind. “There is no way we can get secretly inside.”

Angel remains quiet at my remark as he my massages the non-existent muscles under my silicon skin. The action is calming and I naturally close my eyes at the feeling. I know he knows how he affects me, because I think I have that same command over him. That when he touches me, everything else is gone. My metal body is so light, but full of love and peace. And even in these dire circumstances, I can’t deny how wonderful it feels for him to touch me. I could never really deny how he makes me feel…

“There might not be a way for us to get secretly inside,” Angel said in sudden realization, but before I can say anything he turns to me. “But there is a way to get you out.”

Part VI- The Price

“Are you ready,” he asks me, as we walk closer to the doors of the massive building. “Do you think you’ll be able to-”

I turn and tremble slightly as I say, “You’re the one who’s just going to stomp right in there and get caught!”

“Not caught,” he contends. “Just a little distraction. Once I’m in, all the guards will be called in for me. Do you know where she is?“

“I think so. They put her in that empty office you were talking about, with guards all over. But I still don’t like the idea of us being separated,” I argue, holding his hand. “In your plan you never told me exactly how you intend to dodge those half a dozen guards. All of them with sharp pointed stakes I might add!”

“I didn’t,” he says quietly as, removing to go inside alone.

I firmly grip his hand, “Angel you’re not going to-”

But he places a quiet finger on my lips to interrupt me, “I’m going to do whatever it takes to get you back with me. Whatever it takes.”

“Remember the ‘back with you’ part of the promise. Okay, ” I plead, my mouth even now crying out for his nearby kissable lips.

“I will,” he promises and I can see the desire flow in his eyes. “I have something to look forward to, you know.”

I smile at that, realizing again that he knows what I’m thinking. I give him a slight nod and he gets ready to go into action. We go to the side of building and he watches me as I swing his grappling hook high in the air. I see the iron shaft fly towards the stars, and hear its claws catch an opening far above. Yanking the rope, I look back at Angel to make sure it’s the right office. When he nods, I begin my quick climb high over the sidewalk and all the streetlights below. But my eyes are still focused on Angel’s, his amber eyes- waiting… Just as I reach the top, I see him disappear into the front of the building.

I dangle from the strong corded rope for only a few seconds before I can faintly hear an alarm ringing inside. From my wobbly view of the window, I can just make out several guards standing watch over her… me. At the sound of the alarm they run out the door down the hallway. Once the room is empty I quietly slip inside, easily getting in through the window. Too easy.

The warrior in me stills, wondering if this is set up. I check the nameplate on the door- Lindsey McDonald. This is the right office. And I see myself, or rather Buffy- lying face down on a gurney. I see Lilah’s office down the hall as well, it figures she would leave me- Buffy in here. She smothered me as her project- as if she were my mother.

I shake the thoughts from my head as I… well, I give myself a hand. Buffy is still unconscious and she not that difficult to carry. We both go out the window, I hold her tightly as I climb back down.

“Angel,” I scream out once I’m on the ground, running to find him.

Suddenly the glass doors burst open and I hear Angel yell, “Run Buffy! Run!!!”

I see Angel stumble out to the front, his hands firmly gripped around Lilah’s neck. He’s walking backwards, tugging Lilah with him. He yells at me to get to the car and I’m running. I make sure to stay in front of him, using my metal body as a shield for him. No guards try to follow us, and I see the black convertible still sitting at the end of the park.

“You don’t honestly think you’re going away from this all squeaky clean, do you,” I hear Lilah drawl as Angel nears the car.

“You tell me,” Angel snickers back, pushing her against the side of the convertible.

“Seems to me that you should be doing the thinking.”

“Please,” she coughed, Angel’s hand still holding her tight. “The guards only let you escape because I ordered them to.”

“After Angel took you hostage,” I shoot back at her, placing Buffy safely inside the backseat where I can keep watch over… myself.

Lilah ignores my comment but keeps her eyes steadfast on Angel, “All we needed was for you to get inside. One way or another… We’ve got you.”

“What are you talking about,” he demands, his eyes turning golden.

“Three… Two… One,” Lilah counts before I suddenly hear Angel scream.

“Angel! Angel,” I call out to him as he lets go of Lilah, dropping to his knees.

“It’s amazing how physics and metaphysics can so nicely be merged together,” Lilah gasps, as I try to help Angel stand up.

My mind turns murderous as I yell at her, “What is this? What game are you playing?”

“Whatever the game- I always play to win,” she cackles to me. “Angel is experiencing the effects of what we’d call regression…. The air inside Wolfram and Hart is the not only air conditioned- but mixed with a hybrid of vampire toxins all meant to cause the most pain possible.”

I shake my head in denial, “Vampires don’t breathe!”

“He doesn’t have to,” Lilah causally replied, straightening her blouse. “It infects just by contact with the skin. Angel sealed his fate the moment he stepped inside.”

“You’ve poisoned me,” he rasps out to the lawyer.

“Oh far much more than that… Among the little mix is my favorite- something called Lyeri. Familiar with it? Lyeri makes a vampire temporarily impenetrable- but only to keep its victims from trying to kill themselves. It’ll keep you in AGONY until the real drug kicks in… Doximall.”

I saw Angel’s face fall even further away at her words, “But Doximall will-”

“Turn you back into Angelus… For only a time, I know. But we’ve got a vial of blood and an Arabic Shaman that says otherwise. Just as a mental note for Angelus,” Lilah gloated, hovering over him. “Angelus- feel free to stop by for an appointment to PERMENANTLY remove your soul. Curses gone forever- guaranteed.”

To my horror, I see the young lawyer begin to way away. As if she had better places to be and the horrific scene around us was just a causal occurrence.

I can only numbly ask, “Why are you leaving him here?”

“The guards will come when our cocktail has taken its effect… And trust me, Tin Woman- Angelus will be the LAST of your problems once the REAL Buffy wakes up from her two surgeries,” she answers me.

“What’s that supposed to mean,” I snap back at her but Lilah only laughs at me, walking back to her fortress of steel and glass.

“Buffy,” Angel groans out to me, and all I can see is the pain from every poison take their toll on his amber eyes. “You have to go-”

“No,” I yell back in protest, cradling his head on my lap. “I can’t just leave you here!”

He tries to push me away and gruffly mumbles, “You’ve seen what he can do! Go!”

But I can’t go.

My soul refuses to let him go.

“I can’t… I can’t leave,” I cry to him, stroking his hair as he no longer has the strength to try and shove me away. “I can’t ever leave…”

Every sensor in my body is screaming… Screaming. Screaming at the injustice. Screaming for the loss of Angel’s soul. Screaming at the futility of my making.

I was designed for perfect happiness. Born of sweat and magic- coming to being in a world of sorrow. A world without my Angel in it. What good is my metal body for now? Pumped with the elixir of creation to move and touch for his pleasure…

The elixir of creation…

The elixir.

And suddenly hope enters my heart and I realize what I must do.

“Sit up,” I command him, wiping away my tears. “Angel- there’s a way to save you.”

“I can’t be saved,” he lamented in defeat, his back flush against the tires of his car.

I grab his shoulders and stare him in the eye, “I exist, I feel- because the elixir inside of me magically binds Buffy’s soul to my mechanical body. The elixir! Don’t you get it? Angel- you could never lose your soul again!”

“To feed off of you,” he says wearily, the last of his strength leaving his body. “To steal your life from you again?”

“You’ve never had to steal anything from me. I’ve always wanted you,” I say, tracing the lines of his lips with my fingers. “I’ve freely given you myself then- and I’m freely giving myself to you now.”

My words still hanging in the air, I do what I’ve wanted to do ever since I was brought into this world. Gently, I lean forward and softly kiss Angel’s parched lips. He is surprised at first, I can tell. But he hesitates only because he has no strength. Only for a moment. Then he slowly kisses me back, slightly parting his mouth to softly lick my lips. I wrap his arms around me and easily allow his sweet tongue inside- freeing myself to his marvelous touch.

As I am bathed in the brilliance of our love, I sense him strengthen beside me. His kiss grows bold and more daring, suckling to tease my longing mouth. I feel his cool hand in my hair, stroking and playing with the long strands. My hands wander down to his back, slowly kneading his muscles as I kiss him. Letting him absorb my love through my lips.

Absorbing love- and what will give him the soul that is rightfully his, forever.

I don’t think Angel realizes what we’ve been doing- until it is too late. By then I see he knows my fate, and can read my thoughts as are lips passionately play together… Talking doesn’t get across the message- I continue to kiss, my lips explaining in a different way. He makes me feel so light with his touches. I’m overflowing with his love. Overflowing- and suddenly floating… I’m floating away. Floating on a cloud of our love, I vaguely hear Angel call out to me- as I merge with the light.

Part VII- Forever Works For Me

Buffy Summers woke to the sound of crisp waves crashing upon the sun bleached California sand. The cool morning air tickled her skin as she found herself curled in the backseat of a car. She sat up only to be greeted by a pair of anxious brown eyes.

“Buffy,” Angel hesitantly asked, as the blonde turned to him sitting in the front seat.

Buffy blinked her eyes several times before she jumped at him to search deep into his eyes for his soul, “Angel?”

Angel nodded and before he could brace himself, Buffy launched herself into his arms- holding him closely to her body. He was all to eager to accept the gift of her warmth, and they both reveled in the joy- Angel was still here.

“I’m not sure how much you know,” he said, still holding her tightly. “Or how much you remember- but some people I’ve had run-ins with… Kinda demon guns for hire, a law firm if you can believe it- named Wolfram and Hart… They kidnapped you-”

“It’s okay Angel… I know,” she soothed, pulling only far enough away to stare into his soulful eyes. “I know- everything…”

“Everything,” he asked her, making the questioning connotation clear.

Buffy gave a wry grin at that, “Trying to explain to Giles how I have TWO sets of memories from the past day or so is easy…Watching him sputter and babble about how this might be rupturing the fabric of the space time continuum will be difficult.”

Angel smiled at the joke but then turned serious, “You did it. It worked… I’m here. For good. But Wolfram and Hart- they’re still probably trying to look for us. Sunrise was coming fast… So I took us here.”

Buffy looked around as Angel gestured to their location and wrinkled her nose, “Where is here?”

“The Toak demon nest,” he explained, moving to the backseat. “Not exactly the Ritz or anything but it’s near the beach and just-“

“No, you’re right- It’s nice,” she said, sharing his thoughts. “I can hear the ocean… I like it. And plus there’s the big-”

“Tactical advantage,” Angel concluded for her. “Yeah, the cave is hidden pretty well. It’s out of sight and with the Toak’s blood smeared on the wall- it should hold as a good magical shield if someone tries to come in.”

“Yeah,” Buffy agreed again, resting her head on Angel’s chest.

Angel gladly let her recline on him as she rested her right hand on his shoulder. Having each other to lean on both emotionally and physically was far better than any kind of medicine. As Angel leaned toward Buffy, he noticed the hospital-like identification bracelet that graced the dainty wrist.

“Buffy,” he asked, stroking the skin that lay beneath the plastic band. “What did they-”

“I think- they wanted to control me… I heard some of the doctor’s talking before they put me under. I only remember going under the knife once- but they I heard them say-”

“There would be two operations,” he agreed, taking a closer look at the words on the plastic.

“Lilah said last night- that when I woke up I’d be- trouble,” Buffy confessed, as she tried to look down as well.

“Worse than Angelus she said,” Angel remembered, looking at the tags carefully. “Encephalic Scelus implantation… ”

Buffy tried to make sense of the words, “In the hall I lick what?”

“Encephalic Scelus implantation,” he repeated, dumbstruck at the words. “I… I didn’t think it was possible- ”

“Possible for what? Angel, you’re scaring me with the cryptic,” Buffy worried, looking at Angel’s dubious countenance.

Angel softly rubbed her arms and shoulders in comfort, “I’m sorry Buffy- it’s just… It’s only supposed to be a legend. Happens only once and then… Never again.”

“An implantation?”

“That something could be conjured… Fashioned to be purely evil, concentrated in sin- and then attached to a living creature,” he replied gravely.

“It’s in me isn’t it,” Buffy asked quietly, as if she was afraid to say it out loud. “When? When will I-”

“You should already be,” Angel finished for her. “It needs its host in order to survive.”

Buffy stared down at the flexible hospital band, now like a grasping manacle heated to choke and burn her skin. The black perfectly typed letters seemed to be seared on the snowy white loop. But as Buffy looked more closely at the white ring, a tiny glimmer of hope crawled into her heart.

“There’s no mark, Angel… Look, I don’t see a mark,” she said excitedly, holding up her wrist for him to see.

“A mark,” he hollowly echoed, Buffy’s words not entirely registering. “A mark for what?”

“To show that I completed the surgery. See, this box is supposed to be checked,” Buffy beamed pointing to the empty box. “There’s no red dot.”

Even with his keen vampire senses, Angel held her wrist close to his face, ”No… There isn’t. But there is a red dot for the second procedure Lilah was talking about.”

The smile quickly faded from her face, “There is?”

“Immortalis onlay,” he read. “Oh god… It figures- I mean… If they could only conjure this thing once, they’d want to it survive forever. But that means-”

Buffy cocked her head to look at him, “Immortalis? As in I’m immortal? Like I can’t get killed immortal? Eternal youth?”

“Well I’m immortal- but I can still get killed… Just not in the ordinary sense of the word,” he said flippantly, then warmly looked deep into her eyes. “Buffy- if this is right-”

“This is right,” Buffy breathed, suddenly finding herself in Angel’s lap. “It’s always been right, Angel. I’ve always felt so-”

But Buffy’s words were suddenly muffled, as her lips found their way to Angel’s mouth. They lost themselves in the quiet, fathomless kiss- finally unafraid of each other and their unending love. Buffy cradled Angel’s thighs between her tanned legs, as his arms lovingly embraced her body in return. And though Angel had no need for breath, he pulled away from her gasping in need.

“Buffy,” he sweetly called to her, stroking her hair. “I love you. I always have- and there are so many other things in your life… I just don’t want to rush-”

“It’s been two years since I’ve really felt you inside of me,” she panted, her body rocking slightly against him. “A day- an hour, a minute… It’s too long of a time for me not to feel you. I love you, Angel.”

“You’re everything to me,” he professed to her, delighting in the feel of his honesty and love that swelled in his heart. “You’re my best friend. My love. My partner…”

“Your wife,” she pointedly added just before his lips slipped back to hers again. “Don’t think I haven’t read about Irish wedding customs… Our claddaughs…”

Buffy felt Angel’s smile against her mouth as he sheepishly replied, “That too… Mmmm, I think- its time for us to be husband and wife now.”

“Definitely,” Buffy cooed, as the back of her palm caressed the side of his face.

Angel’s sable eyes met with Buffy’s emerald orbs, and they both knew that fate had blessed their union. Though other people had drifted in and out of their lives, the ties between them had only strengthened. No one could ever erase or eclipse all of the consuming passion and love they had for each other. Destiny had tried to temper their love with distance. But now, Destiny saw what truly made their love wonderful- being fully able to express that love to each other. With their words, with their bodies, with their entire souls.

Their lips melded together again, as fate surrendered to will of their hearts and longing bodies. Buffy and Angel sank into their united souls, freely meandering to the release of their love. Suddenly the world seemed so bright- not from mere daylight, but from their love. It wasn’t as if all of their problems merely vanished, but were suddenly easier to resolve… Not as hopeless as they were when they were alone. Every aspect of their lives: their gender, their history, their personalities met all at once, in this moment- mouths engulfing but wanting more…

“I could do this forever,” she moaned, beginning to remove his dark trenchcoat.

Angel chuckled in return as he flung the garment to the front seat, “You do realize that’s possible now, right?”

“You know… We can do lots of other things forever too,” she whispered suggestively, her eager hands already unbuttoning his shirt.

“Forever,” he mused, losing himself in their smoldering lock of her lips. “Forever…”

Angel let Buffy slowly undo the small buttons of the gray shirt, her lips never leaving his mouth. She nipped at his exposed nipples, and Angel let out a groan that sounded through out the cavern. Buffy giggled at the sound, wanting to elicit his moans again. Her lips went back to his chest, teasing him her with tongue as her hands went lower. She rubbed his lean undulating hips, still encased in his black pants. Angel nibbled the top of her left ear, thrilled at Buffy’s cries of pleasure as he did this.

Together, they quickly shed him of his gray shirt. The silk article fell next to his trenchcoat, and Buffy was eager to see that his pants followed. She had spread her legs a little wider, then sat up straight to seductively remove them. Before she had time for his boxers, Angel’s lips latched onto her throat. Angel kissed and suckled the warm flesh, making Buffy groan just as loudly as he had before. His hands went to her breasts, kneading and massaging the soft swell of skin. Angel carefully stroked the tender breasts, making the thin cotton reveal the rosy outline of her hardened nipples.

Buffy’s mouth hung open as she felt Angel travel lower… Suddenly slipping his hand under her flimsy hospital gown. She had no underwear beneath, Angel making direct contact with her naked skin. His palms stroked the curves of her bare backside, while his mouth massaged her lips in the same way. He fondled her feminine curves, teasing the back orifice slightly before bringing his hand back up to her chest. Angel’s right hand joined his left, and they stroked Buffy’s sensitive nipples once more. Only now his fingers had delved under the fabric, sweetly meeting her enflamed flesh.

They were melting, boiling in the physicality of their passions. Each touch, each kiss and gasp rising the temperature between them. Both were busting to complete each other, their mutual arousal blazing- but they wanted to completely enjoy their love. Savoring the seduction between them, taking in heaving ragged breaths to continue without combustion…yet.

Angel’s expert hands left the sanctuary of her breasts and moved to relax the muscles in her long graceful neck. His mouth followed the path of his hands, kissing her still clothed figure. Once he reached her shoulders, his hands and mouth parted for separate exotic locales. Angel’s mouth descended back to the tiny dip below her throat, tasting the well of skin and heat. His hands rested behind at her warm nape, relaxing the muscles of her neck- but also, searching… The quest ended when he found the white solitary straps of Buffy’s hospital gown. Angel pulled the loose knot undone, while his mouth eagerly sought out more of Buffy’s long beautiful neck. He didn’t even have to move away to pry the gown loose. All he did was gingerly pull it away from her body, and set it aside next to his own clothes.

Though, he did move his face away from hers just barely- so his eyes could feast on the banquet of her naked body. Buffy saw up close his ear to ear grin, and moved away a little further- to fully take in the precious smile.

Buffy’s refined but strong hands rubbed his pectoral muscles in sensual circles, “I demand my private Angel show too.”

He chuckled again in Buffy’s mock anger and held her tightly, “Just enjoying the view.”

A look of determination suddenly surfaced through her lusty eyes- shooting them open for a moment, “It’s time I get to enjoy my view too.”

Her hands departed from his cool defined chest, down to his abdomen. Buffy stopped to trace each tight muscle, before pulling away again to see Angel’s reaction. To her surprise, his eyes were not closed in ecstasy- but wide open in rapture. Buffy could tell he was all but coming at their touches, but his eyes were squarely focused on her. Watching her body- her hands rub his wild erection, gazing deep into Buffy’s eyes for her soul. Even with his eyes, Angel made love to her. His stare was smooth but powerful and felt just as thrilling as his hands at her lower curves.

Buffy needed more then just her touching and Angel’s mouth now back at her neck. Boldly acting on their needs, she ripped the black silk from Angel as her lips assailed his penis. Angel was lost in the quick motion, hissing in passion and approval. How his tongue had delighted in tasting the wonders of her neck, only then to feel Buffy’s strong attentive mouth on the most intimate part of his body. Angel was surprised he hadn’t orgasmed then and there. He certainly felt it- the rush, the exhilaration… Yet Angel knew he was still very hard… getting even harder- and very wanting.

Buffy was intent to make him spill for her, to taste what she had been denied for so long. It was only Angel she had ever tasted (had ever wanted to for that matter), and she was ambitiously seeking the savory sweetness again.

Buffy had quickly gulped his liquid ice, the cool pre-ejaculate hitting the bottom of her throat moments before Angel’s large member did. In her first stroke she had completely engulfed him, to the very root. Though she gripped his perfectly proportioned buttocks to brace herself, to keep her throat from constricting and rejecting him. Buffy kept him deep inside of her mouth, stilling him from any movements- enjoying the moment. Her knuckles turned white at the gripping, steadying herself until she was ready to actively suck.

Easing into him, she smiled in anticipation. Finally, her tight lips moved down to slurp and suck, leaving Angel absolutely quiet at the raging sensations. There was no sound or words, demonic, human, or even primal to describe how she effected him. Or for how much he loved and worshipped her. Her tongue tickled his underside, before massaging the top of his member. Buffy’s hands weren’t idle either, she squeezed and sweetly handling his plush sacs. Her mouth quickly went to each of those sacs, practically swallowing them whole. Angel could feel them tighten inside of her, as she siphoned the perfect rounded ovals.

Up until now, Buffy’s hands had gripped his backside- holding his body in place for her. Now that her hands were deliciously occupied elsewhere, it left him free to roll his pelvis just like she rolled her tongue. Buffy encouraged him to buck forward into her mouth, completely adjusted to such a towering presence within her. Angel didn’t feel the need at first, her talented mouth producing pleasure he only imagined these long years away. More bliss washed over him, and all at once Angel was lost in its tempestuous currents. He found himself again- as he thrusted into her wanting mouth. Lunging into her luxurious mouth, reveling in her warm tightness. Only Buffy could provide such sweetness as he plunged deep inside of her. Stroking, rubbing until finally howled in glory, rushing headfirst into orgasm. He felt like a grand river- surging into Buffy’s mouth with his come, again and again and again. Yelling out his joy, emptying himself into her. Buffy took all of her prize and even after he stilled, cleaned both of them of his sticky goodness.

Angel lay flat against the large leather backseat, massaging Buffy’s resting blonde head at his hip. They deeply panted in the aftermath of their passion, Buffy feeling as if she had orgasmed enough for the both of them. She could have easily fallen asleep from such an adventure, but the urgency to touch Angel quickly shook her from the sleepy lust.

This time however, Angel was the first to take action. Faster than even her Slayer senses could perceive, he inverted their positions. Buffy found her back pressed against the black leather seats, with Angel’s head hovering in the valley of her breasts. From the beginning, Angel wanted to make her come as hard and as many times as she had him. Now he saw his chance. Angel began tenaciously teasing her breasts with his tongue and mouth, sucking not unlike Buffy had with him earlier. His hands played and tweaked the other of the ample pair, before switching. Buffy found Angel’s mouth on the other side of her, while his expert hands enraptured her at the other wetted breast.

Buffy sat on one of Angel’s knees, his thick manhood hard at her waist. Angel continued this sweet onslaught, very aware of Buffy’s arousal gushing out on his thighs. He let go of her twin delights, to stop and savor the first tang of Buffy’s come. Angel wiped the honey off of his skin, his now wet fingers flying to his mouth for a taste. Buffy smiled to watch Angel enjoy her, happily noting that Angel hungered for her come just as much as she did his.

When he thoroughly devoured the morsel, he opened his eyes with a mission. Angel quietly voicing endearments to his love, and ventured to find Buffy’s fit stomach. He tasted the skin and muscles there before circling his tongue around her belly button. Angel circled it several times before delving into it, clearly demonstrating what awaited Buffy’s quivering core.

Angel took a long drawn moment to smell Buffy’s curls and the rest of the heavenly scent that wafted from deep inside her heat. To her excitement he then slid down to her thighs, a glowing shine in Angel’s eyes. Angel peppered both her thighs and wet outer silken folds with kisses. Buffy felt she had come again just from that touch alone, but her insides still wept for him. She squealed, knowing that he had only begun with her. Buffy felt she was on the brink of explosion, but still pleasurably captivated in his careful ministrations.

Angel then stuck his tongue out, to gradually lick her thighs- as if she were a cold popsicle melting her sweetness for him. Upon licking off all of her honey from her thighs, he turned to the wet slippery entrance before him.

Slowly, Angel kissed and lightly passed his tongue over the pliant exterior flesh before he actively lapped Buffy up. Buffy’s tiny o shaped mouth grasped silently, letting her body and her soul do all of the talking for her. He now slipped inside of the flesh, tasting the walls of shaking heat before gulping more of her steamy sticky pleasure.

Now Angel’s tongue dove into her center, hoarding all of the sweet arousal that filled his mouth. He tasted the heady tang of her inner walls, gliding over several of her g-spots in the one area. Not wanting to stop his exploration of her insides, Angel replaced his tongue with one of his long fingers. She rode his index finger, easily taking in two more of his fingers along for the ride. Her palms, which had gripped his shoulders the entire time, guided him elsewhere. Buffy now entreated him a little further up, to her pulsing swollen blossom. He let his nose nuzzle the area fondly and Buffy jerked down to meet him. Lightly circling the area, she enjoyed the long sweet moments of his seduction. Before she knew it he had taken the entire bud into his mouth, gently nursing it. Soon the soft unhurried happiness, turned into fast ravaging swallows.

Her muscles inside and out were clenching in passion- releasing but not nearly finishing her pent-up desire. Her charged bundle of nerves were intensely and repeatedly titillated by Angel’s tongue. Buffy could suddenly feel him stroke her everywhere, his touches calling her to come for him. It seemed as though she had spent forever in his bliss, wallowing in the cool cavern of his mouth. Ever since they had begun this renewal of their love, she felt herself coming. With her breasts jiggling and her body in full motion, she physically orgasmed in him. Joyfully falling into the hardest, all encompassing, most erotic set of orgasms Buffy had ever felt. Slamming into him over and over, Buffy was hollering her completion. Wildly letting her cries reverberate on the rocky walls, as she drove deep into his satisfying mouth. Buffy could even hear Angel’s slurps as she stilled, not stopping until he swallowed her come whole.

Buffy stroked Angel’s crown of brown thick spiky hair, as he continued to softly lap at her entrance. In the back of her mind she knew that his teasing should hurt, yet he touched her with such a gentle ardor Buffy could feel nothing but quiet bliss.

The craving of Buffy’s lips bloomed within him, and Angel found himself at her sweet lips once again. They their hot kisses were flavored with each other’s come, adding a fiery spice to their already lusty lip locking. Tasting their lover’s arousal, just made Angel and Buffy enthralled for each other again. They would always have an enduring need for each other, a love that extended beyond anything else in their lives.

Knowing each other’s thoughts, Angel poised himself at Buffy’s hot entrance and Buffy opened herself to meet him. Angel eased his manhood deep into her, gasping for focus. He filled her with one stroke, seating himself perfectly within her. Buffy gasped for air too, enraptured at how wonderful it felt to be with him like this.

They seated themselves upright, both of their legs wrapped around each other. Almost like they were twined into a little ball of flesh and love. Buffy’s arms easily encased her husband’s body, fondly tracing the Celtic griffin tattoo. Angel nibbled her neck again, stopping to smell her sweet vanilla hair. Savoring her aroma, Angel thrusted into Buffy- his hands tangling in the blonde locks. Buffy used her tiny hips to dive forward onto his member, squeezing as she went. Her ample breasts rubbing against Angel’s male nipples, driving her into passions as well.

She pulled herself forward, and Buffy lost herself in his lips again. Angel’s tongue explored her mouth just as he explored her flooded insides, caressing the all of Buffy’s erogenous flesh. She was so tight around him, gripping his back with her tiny hands and gripping his penis with her womb. They inclined their bodies, easing the movement needed for this soulful titillation. Easier for them to dive deeper into each other, easier to ride Angel’s manhood, easier to burnish Buffy’s ruddy blossom.

Angel felt so alive, so needed and wanted in Buffy’s tiny arms. Only one look into her eyes, or feel of her touch said volumes about the love she had for him. Angel had felt all of those sweet emotions as well, reveling in the freedom and peace only Buffy could give to him. Their bodies wetly smacked, adding to their mutual groans of desire.

Years of longing, lonely nights- so many roads taken to end up unfulfilled. An eternity of being unloved and alone was broken with their love making, and gave way to such unimaginable bliss. It was too much to fully articulate- their intertwining perspiring bodies, roaming hands, and throbbing nerves… But they knew the unending depths of their love, the unspoken rightness of it. They could feel the surging in their blood, the coming pleasure that would soon be unleashed.

Angel and Buffy finally crashed into each other, grinding their bodies as the light of their love washed through them. They swam in this heady musky rush, as they both convulsed in pleasure. Angel slammed into Buffy’s quivering womb, spilling into her so much and so hard… And she gripped him back for more, cooing when he lovingly delivered himself to her. They rode out of their sweetly shared orgasms until they fell back onto the leather interior with a slick slap.

Neither moved, for fear of the other leaving. Angel worried his weight was too heavy on his beloved, Buffy scared that Angel wanted space. Yet they collectively realized, within their single embrace how much in love they both were. Each dared to look into the other’s eyes, and saw the other’s devotion. They both smiled. No one was going anywhere. Buffy couldn’t help but trace her fingers through Angel’s hair again, and twisted her hips to make them both sigh in arousal.

“Mmmmm,” Angel purred, moving his mouth to kiss the inside of her wrists.

He brought his lips to the dainty spot, when he saw the hospital band again. The words WOLFRAM AND HEART blared beneath his lips, stopping his amorous move. Angel turned to look at Buffy, as he instead tucked away a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“They’ll be looking for me,” he said quietly to her, rubbing her tiny cheek.

Buffy nodded as she leaned into his touch, “What do you think we should do?”

Angel looked out to the daylight outside, “We’re close to the LA city limits- Sunnydale isn’t too far away after that. Once it’s dark, we need to-”

“Leave LA,” Buffy finished their shared thought. “Yeah. But I mean- I love you, Angel. Will you… Will we-”

“Whatever happens, I can’t ever be without you again,” he professed, and Buffy could see the fierce resolution in his eyes.

“Angel- I need to tell you something… I’m worried,” Buffy confessed to him. “About Glory-”

His face was wilted into a frown, “Is Dawn-”

“Dawn is okay… For now. I can feel her. She’s like- Dawn is a part of me. I know the gang and Giles are keeping her safe. But I don’t know if I can take out Glory alone and still make it out in one piece.”

“Buffy you can and will defeat her. Then live to boast about it. You’re so strong. And brave. You don’t have to do it alone, either. You have Giles and everyone else. And Buffy, if you want me-“

“Of course I want you,” Buffy cried out, cuddling herself closer to him. “Anyone with less than half a brain would want you…”

“Not Wes, Cordy and Gunn,” Angel noted sadly. “I practically betrayed them. You and the three of them are my connection to the light, Buffy… I… They don’t trust me now. I fired them- and I slept with Darla.”

“Lilah told me,” Buffy said, quieting him. “Angel, with people as powerful as they are- it’s no wonder you… lost your way for a bit. But you’re here with me now. And I love you.”

“I know… I love you too,” he agreed quietly, resting on his soulmate’s shoulder.

Buffy sighed, “Can’t force trust. And no trust equals no good done. Maybe they just need a while more… Before they can see you like I do, you know?”

Angel looked up into her eyes, “How do you see me?”

“I see someone I can trust with totally everything. Someone I can really count on. I love you and I know that you love me,” she said thoughtfully, before turning playful. “I also you see as majorly gorgeous when your naked.”

Angel and Buffy laughed at her remark, loving how easily their problems could be resolved when they were together. The solution to the problems and worries of their lives was their love. By completely loving each other, they had the strength to deal with hell gods, evil law firms and every other kind of chaos. Together.

A mirthful smirk appeared on his lips as he thought of ways to spend the daylight hours with her, “So you think I should talk to them completely naked, huh?”

“Well,” Buffy smiled, as they drew their nude forms even closer together. “Maybe not them… You could just talk to me in the nude.”

“Just talking,” he asked, smelling Buffy’s arousal in the air and feeling his own.

“I’m sure there are a multitude of other activities we can think of when we’re together,” Buffy flirted back, reaching down to tenderly rub her husband.

“I’m thinking of a few we could squeeze in right now,” he groaned, entreating her lips for more sweet kisses.

“What did you have in mind,” she breathlessly asked, tightly running her fist up and down.

“This,” he said, spreading her legs and using his hard erection to fill her burning core.

Buffy softly grunted at the move, clamping her thighs around his waist once again. Angel’s mouth traveled back to her neck, as he focused on what he wanted to ask her.

“So... Ahhhh! Oooooh, Buffy- how does forever….upppphhhh…sound? Can I- I- oooh, stay with you forever,” he stammered while licking Buffy’s neck and quickly thrusting into limber body.

“Forever works for me,” she groaned, falling back into the locomotion of their bodies and their eternal love. “Forever….oooohhh, god! We can uuuuummmm! Forever… ahhhh… Works.”

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