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This is version 3.3 of TBW, many of which have not been seen by the public due to the extreme pickiness of the designer. This time the changes are rather large, moving it to a content management system to make everything easier on The Management™ and users. Feedback is at the click of a link (okay, okay - you have to fill out your name and stuff too, but it's still really easy) now, so please use it liberally. All feedback left on the site will be forwarded to the intended author. All authors can request removal of said comment and IP ban of poster, so remember to play fair - constructive critisism is good, insults are bad.

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News & Updates:

Check it out, guys, I'm almost on the ball! Two updates in two months. Damn, I'm good.

First and foremost, we have a new fic by our lovely Ragna! A sequel to another fic we have archived here, what would happen if Cordelia and Anya were to meet in heaven? Scheduling Conflicts is not only hilarious, it's *ridiculously* sweet and cute. Sequel to "Question Before You Go..."

Then we've got a series of fics by me. Yes, the woman who writes about two fics a year has a series of fics to post. On my livejournal, I posted a fairly common meme, where people on my friendslist picked an icon from my userpics, and I wrote fic based on it. I didn't put all of the fics I wrote in here, because I wasn't really liking all of them, but the ones I am most proud of are up.

With Sugar on Top is the first time I've dabbled in Real Person Fiction, and I'm rather proud of it. It's James Marsters asking Amber Benson for a favor. Icon from the movie Chance. So Many Things Ignored is Faith-centric, set while she was in prison in Season 4 of Angel. Based on an Eliza icon. And lastly, All of Me, an AU Lindsey/Tara set before Hush in Season 4. I'm in the middle of a Tara/Lindsey/Spike fic, and this is a taste of what I think the two of them would be like.

Enjoy, and hey, feedback! A beautiful thing!

updated by greenbunnygoddess on April 23, 2005 07:30 PM

I swear I haven't been neglecting the site on purpose. Real life has been the insanity to beat all insanity lately, and it hasn't stopped yet. But I'm trying!

Got two new fics for you this time around, one of which is just beyond adorable. Heterosexual Lesbians, by my girl Glossolalia is sweet and funny and it's Buffy/Oz, and really, who can say no to Buffy/Oz? Set during a deliciously AU Season 4, it's just wonderful, and everyone should check it out.

I wrote Salad Days for the GRB ficathon back in January. It's Buffy/Giles, set during the summer before Season 4. I'm rather proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

I shall try not to neglect the dear warren anymore. Constantly looking for new fics, and always thinking about ways to improve the site. Enjoy the fics, and please give feedback where feedback's due!

updated by greenbunnygoddess on March 27, 2005 03:26 PM

Merry Holidays, everyone! I hope your holiday season is going well, and I hope I'm adding to it by announcing three new fics on the site! Two of them were written for Meltha's Slash Wedding Ficathon and the other was a Christmas present for me.

Laure Alexander asked that anyone who would like a Christmas Ficlet comment in her livejournal, and I naturally jumped at the chance. Presents for Sharing is Giles/Oz on Christmas morning, and it is LOVELY. I adore it so much, and hope everyone else does, as well.

My request for the Slash Wedding Ficathon was Spike/Giles, and SpikeNdru came through for me in ways unimaginable even to me. Til Dust Do Us Part is beyond wonderful. So funny, so sweet, and so realistic. Set after The Gift but before Bargaining, it is very much worth the read.

And my assignment. This fic scared the everliving out of me, and I hope I did the pairing justice. Here's To Forever is my first completely slash fic. It's Xander/Oz, set post-Chosen, and I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it. :-)

Get to reading, and have a wonderful holiday, no matter what religious affiliation you are. See you all in the new year!

updated by greenbunnygoddess on December 21, 2004 01:50 PM

Cleaned up the news page, it was getting kinda long.

We've got two new fics up here, and a new video by yours truly.

First, we have the fic that was written for me for the Mr Gordo Ficathon on livejournal. Hot Chicks With Stuffed Animals by Tista is just *lovely*. It's Faith-centric, set in Season 7, and it is beyond adorable, with slight angst.

I wrote a sequel to "Value to Survival". Yes, I wrote another Willow/Riley, and will be writing more in the future. It's disturbing even to myself. Means of Survival is set two months after they started dating. Buffy is coming home, and Willow has to figure out how to deal.

On the music video page, there's a new video, set during "The Gift". It's short, as the song used is "Goodbye Cruel World" by Pink Floyd. Hope anyone who downloads it enjoys it. And feedbacks it.

Along with the fics. ;)


updated by greenbunnygoddess on November 11, 2004 04:54 PM