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Send your fic(s) and fanart to: Green Bunny Goddess. Remember to include your header* or copyright information*. We're an equal opportunity archiver - all kinds of BtVS/AtS fics, art, etc., are welcome.


This is, of course, a must.
Your name, or penname.
If you want feedback, you MUST supply an e-mail address.
There are little eyes out in the internet world, we can't have them reading naughtiness.
Not necessarily a must, but it would be nice.
I am NOT getting sued because I love fanfiction. Please acknowledge Joss Whedon as god of gods, Fox, and the rest of the Mutant Enemy Crew for their hard work in supplying us with the show.
I realize some people prefer to leave it all up to the imagination, but I do enjoy seeing a summary for the fan fiction. It gives the reader some insight, and often will catch the attention of a not-so-sure reader.
This is an ABSOLUTE must. Some people, especially those outside of the United States, are not up to date on the current season. We cannot spoil it for them! Please inform us what Season this fic is based around.

Also: any extras you see fit. Timeline, Author's note, etc., are welcome.

*-© Info:

If you submit fan art of any kind, please include the following:

What do you call your work?
Email or Website:
Somewhere to be contacted for feedback.
By Line:
What you want your by line to be - name, copyright notice, etc. Please try to keep it to 10 words or less.
Photo sources, brush sources, etc. Whatever you used in your work that wasn't yours to begin with. Art with copyright complaints from outside sources will be immediately removed.